Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tagged from Mia n Naz..

Tagged lagi..

kali nie dr mia n naz..

Tag yg same.. 

Err,sape ade skema jawapan??

susahla tag die..

Nowadays, there're so many "IF".. "WHY" there're so many "IF"?!
1. If you can be an animal, what will you be?! Why?!
~I wanna be a spider..Err,I mean spiderman..lolz..

2. If you robbed the bank, what do you want to do with the money?! Why?!
~ Give to you la..Then the police will find you..Hahaha..

3. If you can teleport yourself to any places in the world, where do you want to be? Why?!
~ So many la..Malas nak citer..

5. If you know that you are dying, what is the last meal that you want?! Why? !
~The last meal?? Err, entah la..Aku mane tau org nak mati die suke makan ape..

6. If you can kill only 1 person in this world, who is that person?! Why?!
~Why u want to know??This is my privacy la..K0f3..

7. If you can choose either want to have more than 24 hours a day or can live more than 100 years, what is your choice?! Why?!
~24 hoursla..Idup lame-lame nanti asyik buat dose x gune gak..
8. If you can date a celebrity, who is that person?! Why?!
~ Asal tanye?? Nak ikut la tu..

9. If you can have only 1 thing in this world, what should that be?! Why?!

~Kamera la..

10. If you have an opportunity to TAG 7 of your friends, who are they?! Why?!
~Malas da tag org..


LepenT said...

jawapan anda tepat 100%
sememangnye anda hero d hati kami semua

fikri FAUZI said...

apsl jawapan kau sume cam nak rahsie2 je.

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